Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Church Basement RoadShow

Ever try to get a direct flight out of OKC or Tulsa? Sometimes you can get lucky if you choose the right destination. Most of the time the place you hope to reach is at least one connection away. My friends refer to where we live as "fly-over country." Sure, these friends hail from one of the coasts and generally from cities where direct flights are much more frequent. The result is they tend to fly right over.

One of the drawbacks to fly over country, some critics may think it an advantage, comes when an event you would like to stop somewhere close by requires hours by car if not by plane to attend. Not this time around. Announcing -

"The Church Basement Roadshow" will come to fly-over country July 15 at Braden Park Baptist Church, Tulsa. Make plans to make the short drive to Tulsa. Many from the Tulsa Emergent Cohort will be there. A great occasion to connect and strike up new friendships. And, can you imagine these three in "beards?"