Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Next Meeting and Jesus Camp

After the cohort meeting this Thursday, a group of us is going to see Jesus Camp. It's showing at Quail at 9:50 p.m. Everyone is welcome to go.


CZ said...

how was the flick?

greg said...


The McCarty's have a post on their blog about Jesus Camp. http://mccarty.typepad.com

This being OKC, it only showed for a week so the rest of us will have to wait 'til the DVD comes out.

Shawn said...

I haven't sent Greg my info yet, so I could not reply in the form of a post, but the flick was scary. It really did not represent Christianity well, if at all. Unfortunately, this may add fuel to the fire of those who like to characterize us all as crazy, hyper-conservative (politically), fundamentalist who brainwash our children into believing science is something to be scared of and that politically right(wing) is the same thing as Christian. Even the worst camps I can remember as a kid, were nothing like this. They tried to balance it out by adding the perspective of a talk radio host who appeared to be theologically liberal. However, in truth, I think he was just as much a fundamentalist as the other, only from the opposite perspective.