Monday, November 13, 2006

Next Meeting

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we will meet this Thursday at 6:30 at Tapwerks. Drinking and eating start at 6:30, meeting at 7:30. We'll be upstairs at Tapwerks in Bricktown. The discussion, based on Rollins's book, is about how to devlelop liturgies at the local level that farily treat controversial issues without being divisive.


Sean Carter said...

Hey since Thanksgiving is almost here just check out my Thanksgiving Blog for all the amazing ideas to spice up Thanksgiving celebrations!!!

Anonymous said...

i would like to be in conversation with your cohort i live in Yukon and have heard Tony Jones speak and i would like to be educated more on the emergent. I feel that it is place for me to be.

greg said...


You're welcome to join us anytime.